So there was this rather sad attempt at forming a band some time back. In fact, there were two attempts, although one of them was admitted to just be a joke for purposes that will be explained below. See if you can figure out which is which.

Links to mp3s of all recorded tunes can be found at left.

Minor Technicality

Formed back in or around 1996, four friends from high school tossed away a bit of money and free time on instruments and jamming, but never bothered to practice or take lessons. It featured Paul Lane on bass, Chris Marquis on vocals and guitar, Danylo Paszkowski (sorry if I misspelled that, Dan!) on drums and Steve Voght on guitar. For some unapparent reason they recorded the detrius that resulted, but luckily the quality of most of it was beyond the ability of any producer to rescue and make sound respectable, even with sampling. However, a few tracks did survive, but luckily all were neutered before they could reproduce. Here you can find their final resting place.

Stuffed Animals From Hell

Formed and broke up in the spring of 2000. It featured Mark Pomerantz on vocals, Steve Voght on guitar and Dave Westerman on 40 gallon garbage can, 40oz Olde English and vocals. Although this group had a setlist of only two tunes, it once performed for a live audience of nearly 200 people in a show that was simulcast on campus television. Luckily the technician was asleep at the time and didn't record the results, and the band knew better than to tape most of their adventures.

Lyrics may be posted soon, if I can find the files that contain them. In the meantime, consider all these tunes 1996-2001 Stephen Philip Voght and others. You are hereby granted the right to distribute these tunes in unchanged form, providing that you do so for no charge. For all other use, please contact the author first.